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Cloud Collections

I have been in a rut recently with my photography. Having no job, finding it hard to get one, not having money to buy certain things i need. Has got me down a bit which has made me loose my photographic spark. But today i think i have got some of it back. After going outside to look up at the clouds drifting over my garden. I thought of an idea, and to try and make a collection of cloud formations as a small art project for myself to keep me going. Here are some of the best ones.

The photo were processed in Camera Raw, added abit more contrast and played with the midtones.

Has anyone else been hit with creative lost due to the certain issues the world is having with its money and jobs?


Fashion / Glamour – Pah!!

Right! I have made my mind up to knock fashion / glamour photography on the head, yup and before i have even started! I have my reasons, I am signed up to a few model sites where models host their portfolios. I am now officially fed up with trawling through bullshit, there are so many wannabees’ out there who don’t really have a clue about the industry or modeling. They write their profile as ” I really want to be a model, i like photos and i think i will look good” Or something along those lines, they don’t really have a clue about the industry or how much work it is…And i cant really be arsed to waste my time with it all. Plus 75% of them aren’t what i would call model material, it seems like these websites are for girls who think they can be the next Keeley Hazel, just doesn’t seem very professional when they upload photos which were taken with their camera phone or a point and shoot in their bedroom or toilet. The only thing i am going to consider now, is something along the lines of Suicide Girls, because even if they arent models, they have art on them. Im starting to sound like i think im this big shot, i know im not…but after a time of looking through shit you kinda get fed up. Rant over i think…My opinion isnt valid to every model out there, as there are some really good ones who are willing to put the effort in, the ones who think its an easy ride, they annoy me.


Branding Oh My God its bloody hard to do…My head hurts lots from thinking over and over again about colours, layouts, logos, designs, website formats. All to bring my brand as a photographer together i have seen so many amazing websites and logos from other photographers that mine well look shit! Or I am just expecting too much. But i aim high and aim high is what i shall do.

If any of you know of any great branding websites or anything let me know 😀

Photos from London

Here are a select few from London, these ones i consider to be the best ones of the night. Enjoy.

Hello from London

Hello from London, currently on the way home now so typing away on my iPhone. We have had a good few hours shooting, got some great photos. The cold and hunger have been worth it, hopefully I’ll get back home before 1130pm. I’ll try and sort the photos out tonight if not they will be online tomorrow.

JULIAN SMITH – 25 Things I Hate About Facebook

We all love or hate Facebook these days, but watch this video. I can relate to 80% of what the dude is saying, can you?

Entering the Big Smoke.

I am off to London tonight with a good friend of mine, both armed with our cameras and tripods. We are going to be trekking around the West End. Hunting down light trails, and pretty lit buildings. I will be starting a personal project of night photography / Light Trails, I will be trying to get as many different and unique night or light trail shots as possible. As i need to start getting my website underway. I may post a couple in this blog tomorrow, so keep your eyes glued to here for the mean time.